Christoph (I.)

brass founder

born Nürnberg, 25. Apr 1829

died Nürnberg, 14. Dec 1915

Apprenticeship in the brass foundry of Johann Leonhard Stadelmann. After that he worked with Jakob Daniel Burgschmiet. On 11th May 1855 he became a citizen of the city. On 6th June1855 he received the concession as a red brass founder master, so that he could take over the firm of his father-in-law in the same year together with his half-brother Georg Herold. The firm developed under his direction and became one of the most efficient art brass foundries in Europe. Apart from orders from Augsburg, Coburg, Darmstadt, Dresden, Gera, Hamburg and Nuremberg, he received orders from abroad, e. g. from Chicago, Prague and Sydney. As there were also many orders from Sweden he established a subsidiary in Stockholm which was led by his half-brother Georg Herold. 1868-76 Lenz also worked as a teacher for brass founding at the Nuremberg Arts and Crafts School. In 1872 he was appointed Royal Professor. He lived in Burgschmietstraße 18 where the company is based to this day (.....)

quoted from Nürnberger Künstlerlexikon, ed. by Manfred Grieb

Period: 20th c., 19th c.