Georg Christoph

painter, copperplate engraver, architectural draftsman

christened Nürnberg, 11. Mar 1794

buried Nürnberg, 16. May 1855

(...) attended St. Lawrence´s school, additionally private teaching from his father. From 1804 on drawing classes with Gustav Philipp Zwinger. He was artistically encouraged by his brother Johann Christoph Jakob. 1806-11 classes with Ambrosius Gabler and Albert Reindel at the Painters´academy in Nuremberg. In 1817 he participated in an exhibition at the Artists´school. His first signed etching is dated 1811 From 1819 to 18 he stayed in Vienna. Together with his brother and the painters Johann Adam Klein, Johann Christoph Erhard and Conrad Wießner he was one of the first painters to discover the romantic aspects of the countryside of Old Nuremberg and Franconian Switzerland. From 1817 on he put his focus on topographical and colored architectural illustrations. In a unique way he documented the Nuremberg cityscape at the time of King Ludwig I. As a colleague of Karl Alexander Heideloff he is one of the pioneers of historic cultural heritage preservation. 1837/50 he resided in Innere Laufer Gasse 29 and later on in Vordere Ledergasse 16. A large number of his works are in the possession of the City of Nuremberg. In 1855 he was a Member of the Artists´ Association(...)

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Quoted from Nürnberger Künstlerlexikon, ed. by Manfred Grieb

Period: 19th c.