born Altenstein bei Ebern/ Ofr.

buried Nürnberg, 27. Apr 1633

Son of Georg. ∞ I) 25.4.1621 Anna Maria († away, registered in RTB on 29.10.1624), daughter of Hans Werner, sculptor; II) 7.1.1627 Kunigunde Buber, at least two children. 1616 first mentioned in Nuremberg. Pupil and collaborator of his later father-in-law Hans Werner, from whom he probably took over the workshop after his death. On 23.5.1621 he was granted citizenship, declaring a fortune of 800 fl.

For his main work, the Bernhardus altar in Ebrach, he received in 1625/26 for himself, two journeymen and two apprentices the amount of 1500 fl. paid.

In 1622 he completed damaged figures on the central portal of Nuremberg City Hall.

In 1622, together with the sculptor Hans Abbeck, he worked on a wooden portal, the so-called "Türgericht", which was originally located in the "Regimentsstube", later the wedding room; the council paid 300 fl. for it as well as 3 fl. Tip and one thaler for the Firnissen. In 1628 he was active in Coburg, where he made the statue of Duke Johann Kasimir on the corner of the Gymnasium.

In 1624 the Grasersgasse is handed down as the address for Dümpel, where he lived until his final days.


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Style: Early Baroque, Late Renaissance

Period: 17th c.