sculptor, medallist

born Isen, Lkr. Mühldorf/Inn, 19. Jun 1869

died Nürnberg, 29. Aug 1923

Sculptor, medallist, artisan, * 19. 6. 1869 Isen, district Mühldorf/Inn - † 29. 8. 1923 Nuremberg. Son of Mathias, merchant. ∞ N. N., one daughter. From August 1882-86 apprenticeship in the sculptor's workshop of Martin Bradl in Munich, where he worked as a journeyman until 1891. Subsequently studied at the AdBK Munich under Syrius Eberle and Gabriel von Hackl. In 1895 he won the great academy prize for bronze sculpture. Study trips to Switzerland, France and Spain. Freelance work, 1905 part-time work as teacher for sculpture at the Munich Kunstgewerbeschule. 1907-23 professor for figurative modelling, nude and drapery studies at the Nuremberg School of Arts and Crafts. Many building-related works were created in collaboration with the Nuremberg architect Josef Schmitz. From 1910 he also worked with small sculptures. 1910/19 he lived at Badstraße 12. He was a member of the Nuremberg Art Society and 1922 of the Nuremberg Secession.

Works: NÜRNBERG: Hauptmarkt 25/27, IHK: portal, 1910 (design); -, Sulzbacher Straße 32, Melanchthon-Gymnasium: facade decoration and "Capitoline she-wolf" as gable decoration, shell limestone, 1911; -, Stadtpark: monument to Ludwig II, inaugurated on 24.8.1913 (melted down during the Second World War); -, Prinzregentenufer: equestrian statue of Otto von Bismarck, 1914/15; -, Karl-Grillenberger-Straße 1/Mühlgasse, AOK: facade reliefs and portal decoration, 1925; -, Johannisfriedhof: 3 epitaphs, Verz. s. KDM Nuremberg, 1977. Medal ornaments s. Erlanger/Fischer, 2000. MuS: NÜRNBERG, MStN: 2 paintings, drawing, medals. -GNM. Lit.: Thieme-Becker; Georg Lill: M. H., ein deutscher Bildhauer, 1922; Deutsches biographisches Jb. 5, 1930; Pese, 1983; Masa, Freiplastiken, p. 153; Stadtlexikon 2000. Exhibited: 1906/3, -/6; 1907/1; 1910/1; 1912/2; 1913/1; 1917/2; 1918/3; 1919/2; 1922/2; 1942/1; 1980/2.

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Period: 20th c., 19th c.