brass founder

born St. Pölten, Österreich, 25. Dec 1967

4-year training at the technical school for steel cutting and engraving in Steyr.

Since 1991 resident in Fürth and then in Nuremberg.

Worked in the art foundry Lenz in Nuremberg. 

2002/2003 foundation of own studio in Frauenholzstraße.



"It is a matter of concern to me to continue the tradition of the artistically strongly individualised epitaphs and to represent this now over 500-year-old tradition by means of my work on the pulse of time." 

"In addition to making epitaphs, I have been involved in the preservation of this unique memorial culture since 2001, e.g. by participating in exhibitions, guided tours, invitations to my studio, workshops or with lectures. In 2018, the expression of the "Nuremberg epitaph culture" was included in the Bavarian National Register of the Intangible Cultural Heritage of UNESCO! "

Period: 21st c.