born Nürnberg, 12. Jan 1911

died Nürnberg, 10. Feb 2000

Corrugated cardboard manufacturer, patron of the arts Apprenticeship as an industrial clerk in a pencil factory, then traveling abroad. After the Second World War, the “Papyrus” corrugated cardboard and cardboard factory was founded; he worked professionally until 1994. His many donations include the sculpture “The Ship of Fools” by Jürgen Weber (DM 270,000), the “Noris Fountain” in the Platnersanlage (DM 300,000), the Frog Prince Fountain in the playground of the Gebr. Grimm School, Grimmstrasse 16 ( DM 30,000) as well as around 3.4 million DM for the reconstruction of some city wall towers (including the cultural center, Krakauer Haus), the construction of the Pauli footbridge on Luitpoldhain and the implementation of the Ludwig Railway Monument. Lit.: NZ v. August 23, 1997 and February 9, 2000; Braun/Carbon, Brunnen 2003, p. 60.quoted from the Nuremberg Artists' Lexicon, edited by Manfred H. Grieb

Period: 20th c.