Jakob d.Ä.

sculptor, master builder

born Bamberg (?), um 1546

died Nürnberg, 04. Apr 1612

Master builder and sculptor of the Late Renaissance. As the master builder of the City of Nuremberg Wolff built from 1596 to 1598 the Fleischbrücke on a single flying buttress, which is said to be related to the Rialto Bridge in Venice. In fact, a model of this bridge has been preserved in the Possession of the Family of Stromer. However, no further similarities of both bridges can be detected Wolff is especially famous for building the Peller House from 1602 to 1605, which is an outstanding example of the German citizen town house of Late Renaissance.

The beautiful arcade courtyard, whose building originally was not planned is presently being restored.

Style: Late Renaissance

Period: 17th c., 16th c.