Johann Philipp


born Nürnberg, 11. Oct 1577

buried Nürnberg, 02. Jul 1632

Johann Kreuzfelder was a painter of Early Baroque in Nuremberg. Among other commitments, he was hired by the City to portrait the members of the City Council. He served his apprenticeship with Nicolas Juvenell from 1593 to 1597.

On September 17, 1625, Johann Kreuzfelder received 30 florins for corrections to the painting described as "das grose stuckh der belehnung von kayser Mathia höchlichs gedächtnis einem Erbaren Rath alhie beschehen" and

 another 16 florins on February 21, 1626 for the repair and gilding of the frame. This was the depiction, completed shortly before, of the "Bohemian Enfeoffment" granted by Emperor Matthias to the Nuremberg Council in 1612, which Paul Juvenell the Elder had painted and for which he received 275 guilders. The painting, which has not been preserved, was in the Knights' Room of Nuremberg Castle.

Style: Early Baroque

Period: 17th c., 16th c.