christened Nürnberg, 17. Jul 1574

buried Nürnberg, 02. Dec 1632

He was the son of the cooper Michael Adelhart and Magdalena, née Stadler. On September 27, 1596, he married Barbara, daughter of Thomas Kolb from Ansbach. He married four times, his last wife was called Anna who died only two weeks before him. In 1604, he bought a house in Judenkirchhof (formerly Korbmachershof 2, ehemals nördlich der Münzgasse), for which he paid off the purchase price in installments until 1621 and in which he lived until the end. In 1617/18, he forged the large imperial eagle for the coat of arms cartouche above the central portal of the Wolff town hall, based on a design by Christoph Jamnitzer. The imperial eagle was replaced by a copy in 1889; the original is in the GNM.

Lit.: Masa, Freiplastiken, p. 50; Herbert Bäuerlein: Eine Entdeckung am Reichsadler über dem Rathausportal, in: Nürnberger Altstadtberichte 10, 1985, pp. 57-64.

Style: Renaissance

Period: 17th c., 16th c.

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Imperial Eagle