Georg Heinrich Joseph


born Wiesbaden, 31. Oct 1847

died Nürnberg, 23. Dec 1924

sculptor, art teacher, Grave No. 778 in the Johannisfriedhof. ∞ Cecilia. 1859 student at the Nuremberg School of Applied Arts under Wilhelm Düll, Peter Lenz and August von Kreling. The latter took him on as an assistant in his private studio. In 1869 he stayed in Rome for three months, then became a self-employed sculptor in Munich, where he worked on the production of small decorative statuettes, which met with great acclaim. Several of them were purchased and raffled off by the Albrecht Dürer Association in 1875. In 1875 he was appointed by Kreling as professor of sculpture at the Nuremberg School of Applied Arts, a position he held until 1907. He then worked independently as a sculptor for monumental sculptures. In 1877-80 he created a series of 27 cupids for the Royal Porcelain Manufactory in Meißen. In 1881 he lived at Friedrichstrasse 15, later Mittlere Pirckheimerstrasse 36. He was an honorary board member of the artists' association and a member of the P.Bl.O. and in the History Association of the City of Nuremberg. Works: NUREMBERG, Fürther Straße: Ludwigsbahn fountain with Mercury on a winged railway wheel, bronze/granite, 1890 (cast: Christoph Lenz); –, Town Hall, Fünferplatz: Bronze figure of a Pallas Athene; –, Gewerbemuseumsplatz 2, old state trade institute: portal of the northern main entrance, 1896 (together with Johann Wolfgang Rößner); –, Central Station, Fürstenzimmer: Six mosaic pictures; –, Westfriedhof: bust of Karl Grillenberger, 1898; –, Elisabeth Church: monumental figures of the apostles in the Elisabeth Church, 1902/03 (together with Philipp Kittler); –, Opera house, entrance facade: mosaic painting, 1904/05; –, Opera House, west gable: blowing genius (lost); –, bust of the music director Georg Emmerling. GRAVES, –, Johannisfriedhof: Commercial Councilor J. M. Bauer, 1881, grave K131/ 132; J. A. Amm, 1891, grave I 4; Zeltner-Krämer-Heinlein, around 1895, neo-Gothic arcade No. 13; Bronze medal on the tomb of Dr. Georg Karl Frommann, 1888, grave D 107; –, Westfriedhof: Karl Grillenberger grave monument. MEDALS: 10 medals with a reference to Nuremberg see Erlanger/Fischer, 2000. MuS: NUREMBERG, GNM; –, MStN: plaque, plastic, preliminary drawings for the railway monument. Lit.: Thieme-Becker; Müller-Singer JbVGN 1908; Voices of Art, 1924/25; AdBK, 1933; Häussler, 1977; Mende, City Hall 1979; E. Masa, Freiplastiken, pp. 8, 100, 390, 401; Braun/Carbon, Brunnen 2003, p. 104. Exhibit: 1874/1; 1882/1, –/3, –/5; 1885/1; 1896/1; 1906/1; 1909/1. (quoted from the Nuremberg Artists' Lexicon, edited by Manfred H. Grieb)​Feedback gebenSeitenleisten


Period: 20th c., 19th c.