Georg Friederich

publisher, medallist, ,

born Nürnberg, 15. Dec 1650

died Nürnberg, 25. Feb 1729

Grave No. 1446 in St. John's Cemetery, epitaph dated 1688, still extant.


Another epitaph dat. 1689 for him and his wife is on grave no. E 119, epitaph still present. Son of Georg the Younger ∞ 2.5.1677 Anna Maria Kögert, at least one son. 1677 mint master, which office he held until 1716. Mz: G F N under it cross. 1679-1729 named. He employed a large number of medalists, some of whom cut the dies according to his designs. He often collaborated with Philipp Heinrich Müller, Martin Brunner and Georg Hautsch.




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(quoted from the Nuremberg Künstlerlexikon, edited by Manfred H. Grieb)

Style: Baroque

Period: 17th c., 18th c.