died Nürnberg, 1469/70

Probably father of Michael. ∞ Anna around 1433 († December 1491). His name has survived only through Murr, who mentions him for the years 1461-69, sometimes explicitly referring to him as a painter, living on the Sebald side of town. In 1470 his wife Anna was listed in his place; an Anna Wolgemut died according to the Totengeläutbuch of St. Sebald in December 1491. Except for Murr's lists, Valentin Wolgemut cannot be traced.

Attributed works: in Nuremberg, among others: Passion altar in the former Dominican church, c. 1460; possibly also master of the St. Wolfgang altar in the Lorenzkirche (disputed).Lit.: Thieme-Becker; Murr, Journal, T. 15, pp. 33-38; Stegmann, in: Rep. f. Kw. Vol. 13, pp. 60-62; Gümbel, 1907, p. 58.


(quoted from the Nuremberg Künstlerlexikon, edited by Manfred H. Grieb).

Style: Gothic

Period: 15th c.