buried Nürnberg, 06. Apr 1503

<br><p>Hans Straubinger, 1476 master and citizen. In 1485/90 he made the room called Kaiserstüblein in the property Burgstraße 10 for Christoph Scheurl the Elder for 300 fl. In his work for Anton Koberger in 1490 and for Heinrich Wolf von Wolfsthal in 1496, he was allowed more journeymen than the regulations stipulated. The so-called Pirckheimerstübchen (Pirckheimer's room), now in the Wartburg, which was formerly in the property Egidienplatz 9-13/Tetzelgasse 14-18 acquired by Koberger in 1489, probably originated from his hand. In 1477 Straubinger bought a house in Stöpselgasse, today about No. 1, for 33 fl. In 1491 he bought the house Schildgasse 4 for 129 fl. Both houses were sold in 1508 and 1510 by the Dominican convent Dorfkemmathen, to which his daughter Elisabeth belonged as a nun. <br></p>

Style: Late Gothic

Period: 15th c., 16th c.