von Köln

brass founder

Not to be confused with the famous German architect of the late Gothic period who built the cathedral helmets in Burgos / Castile, there was a master of the same name who was obviously active in Nuremberg - even if it has not been possible to record him archivally here so far. Thieme-Becker and Manfred Grieb mention him, but above all Dehio, who places him in the Vischer circle (see Ute Bednarz / Folkhard Cremer, Munich Berlin 2002).


Probably travelling in the Lower Rhine region and in the Netherlands as a journeyman, he probably looked at the bronze chandelier cabinet of St. Victor in Xanten or the waterput by Quinten Metsijs in front of Antwerp Cathedral. In both works, the arborescent (tree-like) character is present, which was also binding for his baptismal canopy in Salzwedel. Research is still pending into the concrete cross-connections with the Vischer family.

 Dr Pablo de la Riestra 2020

Style: Early Renaissance, Late Gothic

Period: 16th c.