brass founder

born Nürnberg oder Hötting b. Innsbruck, 1480

died Mühlau b. Innsbruck, 20. Mar 1534

Stephan Godl is so to say the predecessor of the Nuremberg duo Burgschmiet-Lenz in the 19th century. However, in the early 16th century he was entrusted with incomparably more challenging tasks than Burgschmiet-Lenz in the period of Historism. Godl was summoned from Nuremberg in 1508 and already in 1515 he worked according to drafts of Jörg Kölderer and models of Leonhard Magt. In Mühlau near Innsbruck he produced for Emperor Maximilian I not less than 19 figures for the Emperor´s spectacular tomb. Regarding quality and technology these figures belong to the best of their time in entire Europe. In 1518, he cast the figure of Albrecht IV Count of Habsburg at his own risk according to a drawing by Dürer and a model by Hans Leinberger which also is set up in the Innsbruck Court Church (Hofkirche).

Dr. Pablo de la Riestra

Style: Early Renaissance, Late Gothic

Period: 16th c.