born Dykhausen/Ostfriesland, 09. Jul 1907

died Behringersdorf b. Nürnberg, 06. Nov 1994

Schlegtendal Wilhelm worked in the field of architecture in Nuremberg already in the thirties and during the war. Working together with Heinz Schmeißner he built in the spirit of the time, for example he worked on the project of redesigning Plärrer or the former Hermann-Göring-School. After the war his style changed to a more international one. A symbol for this became the Plärrer tower block (Städtische Werke) of 1951-53. On the other hand he used to build in a completely tradition-conscious way in the Old City, for instance the corner house at the corner Kaiserstraße / Hintere Ledergasse of 1949, which is one of the best buildings of the post-war period. It was the distinction which he made between buildings that were erected within the bounds of the old city wall and the buildings that were erected out of the bounds of the old city wall, that made the difference, a difference that was ignored e.g. by the new buildings of the German National Museum. Other examples for his dealing with the vicinity of the Old City are his buildings of Aachener and Münchener Insurance (Königstorgraben 1).From the excellently designed stairwell the onlooker has beautiful vistas of the Old City.

Style: ,

Period: 20th c.