Denner (Danner)

sculptor, redsmith, candlestick maker, art founder

christened Nürnberg, 22. Jul 1640

died Nürnberg, 13. Aug 1691

"(...) Denner made many epitaphs for the cemeteries of St. Johannis and St. Rochus, most of which he modelled himself. In May 1670 he made an epitaph for the deceased wife of Johann Andreas Endter, for which he charged 205.20 fl. at a weight of 154 pounds à 20 batzen.

Many household and church utensils are also preserved, such as table and altar chandeliers, traffic lights and censers, which he delivered as far as South Tyrol and Italy. Of the two brass chandeliers in the cathedral and provost church of Mariae Himmelfahrt in Bolzano, one is said to be "Sebastian Denner", signed and dated 1675.(....)"

quoted from the Nuremberg Künstlerlexikon, edited by Manfred H. Grieb

Style: Baroque

Period: 17th c.