Jakob Daniel

brass founder, sculptor

born Nürnberg, 11. Oct 1796

died Nürnberg, 07. Mar 1858

Being largely an autodidact, he worked on the restoration of the Beautiful Fountain (Schöner Brunnen)  (1821 to 1824).
Burgschmiet mainly worked according to the drafts of others: the monument of Durer in Nuremberg was cast according to Christian Daniel Rauch, the monument of Beethoven  in Bonn and the Statue of Charles IV. in Prague according to Ernst Julius Hähnel.
Being supported by Reindel, Campe and Heideloff he was assigned as a teacher for sculpture at the Polytechnic in Nuremberg. The foundry, which was founded by him in 1850, exists to this day and realizes big orders according to the designs of others.

Period: 19th c.