Johann Michael

painter, draftsman, copperplate engraver, etcher, cartoonist

born Nördlingen, 16. Oct 1784

died Nördlingen, 17. Apr 1858

Father of Friedrich, painter. First trained as a button maker, from 1801 apprenticeship and work as a copperplate engraver in Augsburg, In 1808 he worked in Munich. In 1809 he worked in Nuremberg for Friedrich Campe as a draftsman and etcher. In 1812 he returned to Nördlingen from where he continued working for Campe and other publishers. In 1824 he moved with his family to Augsburg, where he worked for the art dealer Christian Wilhelm after whose death 1827 he returned to Nördlingen. Voltz left behind a huge graphic oeuvre, consisting of approximately 4000 sheets. A part of his graphic legacy is accomodated in the Archive of Fine Arts in the German National Museum.(quoted from: Nürnberger Künstlerlexikon / Manfred Grieb)

Period: 19th c.