Jacob d. J.

master builder

born Bamberg, 1571

died Nürnberg, 25. Feb 1620

Master builder and City architect of the Late Renaissance, in Nuremberg, in 1602 he travelled Germany and Italy. His close connection with the German Style of his time is evident in his living and office building, the so-called City Architect´s House and in his draft for the new building of the City Hall of 1615. High gabled roofs with gabled dormers are typical for the architectural composition (compare to Coburg, Ansbach, Bamberg, Ebracher Hof). Only when the architectural draft of the Wolff building in the architectural complex of the City Hall was in fact carried out Wolff succeeded in changing the building tradition in an epoch-making way. For the first time in Germany a perspective of the façade appears that seems to be infinitely long. This way he even surpassed Elias Holl in. Ideelles Vorbild are Italian palaces, e.g. the chancellery in Rome, however they appear to strongly changed, especially by the roof superstructures

Style: Late Renaissance

Period: 17th c.