Hermann Thomas

painter, graphic artist

born Nürnberg, 1902

died Nürnberg, 1989

Realistic painter and graphic artist

1916-20 training at the Municipal Training Workshops in Nuremberg. 1920-24 he attended the School of Arts and Crafts in Nuremberg and studied with Rudolf Schiestl, Max Körner, Carl Dotzler und Hans Werthner. 1942-46 military service and war imprisonment. He worked altogether almost four decades as a graphic artist at the ginger-bread company Haeberlein-Metzger. Schmidt was an enthusiastic painter, who worked with oil and watercolors but also as a draftsman. He created a large number of Nuremberg city and street views, but also views of his Franconian home area, flowers, animals and portraits. After his retirement he worked as a freelance painter and graphic artist and was a member of the Association of Nuremberg artists.

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Period: 20th c.