Otto Ernst


born Schramberg, 27. Apr 1890

died Baden-Baden, 14. Nov 1965

Schweizer introduced the Classical Modern Style of the Bauhaus type in Nuremberg. However he was so clever to use traditional materials and a steep roof for his only building in the Old City, the job center. Unfortunately nowadays innovators rarely use this approach of connecting the old and new styles. The planetarium he built from 1926/27 at Rathenauplatz – a central clinker building - appeared to be quite modern. It absolutely compared to Tonhalle in Düsseldorf, which is only one year older. Unfortunately the planetarium was demolished by the rulers in 1934, because it was for them a symbol of the left-liberal Lord Mayor Luppe, whom they hated. As one of the first example of Modernism that has been preserved in Nuremberg the dairy yard shows that Otto Ernst Schweizer was a truly modern architect. Dr. Pablo de la Riestra


Period: 20th c.