Hans Max


born Immenstadt, 18. Oct 1883

died Ebensee, 21. Apr 1961

The architect Mayer-Eming has perpetuated his name in the Nuremberg cityscape by the building of the Commercial Bank (Commerzbank) at St. Lorenz-Church 1923-1925. It is absolutely dedicated to the expressionist trend which was apart from international Bauhaus Modernism very popular in Germany at that time. Although several historic houses had to give way to the building of the bank, Mayer-Eming revived the tradition of the stepped gable which was typical for the old cityscape which is now a blessing, especially with regard to the loss of buildings due to the war (e.g. Meyersches Haus at Hauptmarkt, Tucherstraße 8, Lorenz Vicarage). (Concerning the Middle Ages see the city view of 1493 in the Schedel World Chronicle) Mayer-Eming was a member of the Nuremberg Secession just in the years when the bank was built.

Period: 20th c.