born Fürth, 03. Jul 1862

died Nürnberg, 09. Dec 1928

Kuch is the main representative of school building in Nuremberg from the Late Gründerzeit (1871-1873, years of rapid industrial expansion in Germany) to the 1920s.

From 1884 on he was the work master of the municipal building authority.

His schools are monumental buildings, marking a change from Jugendstil  to ” homeland protection style”.

During this process the architectural character becomes increasingly more cheerful. The range spans from the Jugendstil phenotype of Bismarck-School which seems to be a little gloomy and awe inspiring, to the more picturesque appearance of the Peter-Vischer-School, which cannot be considered to be typically “Nurembergian” but seems to be typical for the years around 1910 in Germany.

Period: 20th c., 19th c.