Hans und Karl
Müller und Kröck


born Nürnberg

died Nürnberg

Hans Müller born: 28.12.1864 in Nuremberg

died: 28.11.1951 in Nuremberg

Karl Kröck ( son-in-law of Hans Müller) born: 07.03.1897 in Nuremberg

died: 17.06.1970 in Nuremberg

Müller / Kröck was a team of architects between the epochs of Historism and Rationalism. The office assumed essential responsibilities concerning the Old City of Nuremberg: the bank Kohn opposite St. Lorenz-Church (destroyed), the former Bavarian Discount and Exchange Bank (today Hypo-Bank, survived) – rebuilding the original Franciscan Church: Walls enclosing the choir and buttresses still existing today. The Hotel Deutscher Hof dates back to these architects as well. Around 1930 both of them had overcome Historism and made an important contribution to Modernism in the City by designing the Publishing House for Fränkische Tagespost (today headquarters of the Social Democratic Party) and the administration building of the Franconian long-distance electricity supplier (unfortunately the latter of these buildings is disfigured today by adding one more storey to it).

Dr. Pablo de la Riestra

Style: ,

Period: 20th c.