Wurzelbauer (Wurtzelbauer, Wurtzelpaurn)

brass founder, redsmith

born Nürnberg, 25. Sep 1548

died Nürnberg, 02. Oct 1620

Formerly grave 129 in the Johannisfriedhof, epitaph dated 1592, made by himself, not preserved. Son of Dietrich and Barbara, daughter of Pankraz Labenwolf, red caster; Father of John. ∞ June 4, 1583 Margarethe († February 26, 1639), daughter of Johann Kronberger, nine children. Apprenticeship as an ore foundry with his uncle Georg Labenwolf, who became a master candlestick maker in 1583. 1600 juror, 1599-1620 named. From a RV. from 30.3. In 1583 it appears that he soon wanted to move into and live in the foundry of his uncle Georg Labenwolf when he was in Denmark. After his uncle's death in 1585, he took over the municipal smelter (Untere Talgasse 2-4, next to the men's shooting house), the rooms of which were rented to Wurzelbauer. The redsmith lived here until his death. Christoph Forster's estate included a receipt from Anna, Georg Labenwolf's widow, from 1586, in which she paid Wurzelbauer 191 fl. rh. confirmed for tools and household goods (auction catalog from 1863, p. 24). His main work is probably the virtue fountain on the northwest side of the Lorenz Church, created in 1584/89. The weight is 82 hundredweight and 24 pounds, for which he received 26 fl. per hundredweight. His work on the works was limited to the manual part of casting and chasing; the designs and models were provided by sculptors. Until 1605 he had Friedrich Keßler from Stuttgart as an apprentice. Epitaphs cast by him in the Nuremberg cemeteries were not signed, so that an attribution is not possible and can only be seen in individual cases from archive documents. In 1585, Wurzelbauer acquired the house at Neue Gasse 37 from the redsmith Peter Wagner for 450 florins, which he sold back to him in 1587 for 575 florins. On April 18, 1604 he was appointed lane captain. In 1613 he lived in Judengasse. Panzer recorded his portrait in two versions. Factories: BAMBERG, fountain in Geyerswörth, 1590/91. COBURG, Church of St. Moritz: Bronze epitaph for Duke Johann Friedrich II and Elisabeth of the Palatinate, 1595. NUREMBERG, virtue fountain, 1589; –, Johannisfriedhof: Epitaph for Martin Peller on grave no. 1404. PRAGUE, Fountain of Venus, 1599. MuS: BERLIN, state. Museums. MUNICH, BNM. NUREMBERG, GNM. Lit.: Thieme-Becker; Locker No. 348; Gugel, cemeteries; Doppelmayr, 1730; Trechsel, 1735; Roth, 1802; Hampe, Rev.; Tooth DI-N No. 2087; Hauschke, in: MVGN 81, 1994, pp. 31-72; City lexicon 2000; Kohn, NHb Sebald. Exhibit: 1952/5. (quoted from the Nuremberg Artists' Lexicon, edited by Manfred H. Grieb)

Style: Renaissance

Period: 17th c., 16th c.