locksmith, writer

born Zirndorf, 22. Feb 1848

died München, 19. Oct 1897

February 22, 1848 Zirndorf – † October 19, 1897 Munich, probably. the long-term consequences of an assassination attempt; Tomb by sculptor Heinrich Schwab in Nuremberg's Westfriedhof, unveiled on October 23, 1898. Son of an elementary school teacher. ∞ Margarethe Reuter, two children. Visit to elementary schools in Zirndorf, Ansbach and Munich. Training as a locksmith, then traveling. 1869 return to Nuremberg, 1870-73 worker in the Werder rifle factory. 1873-74 Works foreman in the Forchheim gas factory and worked for the “Democratic Weekly Paper”. Chairman of the district of the SPD and editorial director of the newspaper “Nürnberg-Fürther Sozialdemokrat”, which was later renamed “Fränkische Tagespost”. 1881 entry into the Reichstag, 1893 member of the Munich state parliament. Karl-Grillenberger-Straße in Nuremberg was named after him in 1947. MuS: NUREMBERG, StadtB. Lit.: Wilhelm Blos, in: CVs from Franconia 1; Nuremberg Figures, 1950; Bosl; Erlanger/Fischer, 2000. Exhibit: 1972/7 EA (quoted from the Nuremberg Artists' Lexicon, edited by Manfred H. Grieb)

Period: 19th c.