Braun (Praun)

stone mason, master builder

born 1540

died 25. Feb 1606

Fürstl. Bamberg master builder, stonemason

 c. 1540 - † 25. 2. 1606 Nuremberg, formerly grave no. 1862 in the

Johannisfriedhof, epitaph dat. 1606, not preserved. ∞ Margaretha Weiß

(† 23.10.1617, epitaph in the Protestant parish church of Walsdorf/Bamberg). From 1568

 in the service of the Archbishop of Bamberg, where he managed the old

Court together with J. Weber. In 1595 he received as

recognition for his work on Geyerswörth Castle and the Forchheim

Forchheim bastions, he was given a double barn worth 168 fl,

which was made by the Nuremberg goldsmith David Stechmesser. 1595

Together with Balthasar Hoffstedter from Regensburg, he produced a

sights with expert opinion for the new meat bridge to be built in

Nuremberg. On his epitaph, now lost, he was named "Fürstl.

Bamberg. gewesner Baumeister seines alters 66 Jahr".






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Style: Renaissance