painter, graphic artist

born Nürnberg, 08. Sep 1870

died München, 13. Mar 1957

Painter, graphic artist, designer of decorative arts, bookplates and vignettes.

1888-92 Studied at the academy in Munich. Since 1907 professor at the Kunstgewerbeschule there, since 1925 also at the AdBK Munich. Diez was a versatile artist who was also active nationwide, for example he created mosaics for Nuremberg's main railway station. As a commercial artist, he worked for various magazines. He also worked as a designer for arts and crafts works (Nymphenburg Porcelain Manufactory, Villeroy and Boch). Diez left behind numerous works that are occasionally offered in the art trade or offered at auctions. His participation in exhibitions in Nuremberg show that he also maintained a connection to his home town. In 1913 he lived in Munich, Louisenstraße 37, where he was a member of the Nuremberg Secession.

MuS: NÜRNBERG, MStN: 2 paintings; drawings.

Literature: AKL; Thieme-Becker; Vollmer; R. Braungart: Julius Diez, Munich 1920.

- Zeitschrift für Kunstgewerbe und Kunsthandwerk, 57th year, 1906/1907, Munich.

- Die Gartenkunst, Berlin, 1906

Exhibitions: 1913/1; 1925/1; 1928/1; 1930/2; 1931/1; 1933/1; 1934/2; 1934/3;

1935/2; 1939/1; 1954/4; 1958/2; 1961/23; 1963/7; 1965/26.


Period: 20th c., 19th c.