Johann Christoph

sculptor, stuccoer

christened Nürnberg, 12. Jan 1729

died Ansbach, 01. Jul 1808

Son of Johann Bartholomäus; brother of Johann Jakob and Johann Michael. ∞ I) Bamberg 1.3.1756 Elisabeth Eva Magdalena, daughter of Georg Mutschele,  sculptor in Bamberg, at least two sons, including Joseph Bonaventura,

one daughter; II) before 1775 Anna Rosina Gilger, 1775 first daughter  born. Trained in Nuremberg, where he initially worked.

1756/57  he produced the exterior sculpture of Vierzehnheiligen for 311 fl.; 1763/64

as an ornamental sculptor for the Ansbach residence, around the same time

Workshop in Nuremberg, where his son was born in 1770. In 1769 he produced

 two funerary shields for Carl Friedrich Behaim von Schwarzbach. After separation from his wife, Berg probably moved to Ansbach, where on 12.1.1772 a "sculptor Berg" was granted court protection by the margrave.

 According to the Ansbach court building records, Berg wanted to spend some time

out of the country to leave his wife "on account of her weak body" with the children in Ansbach.


 VIERZEHNHEILIGEN, Catholic parish and pilgrimage church Mariä Himmelfahrt,

Exterior sculpture: Salvator Mundi as a gable figure, on the gable slopes

Fides, Spes, Peter and Paul on the attic balustrade, 1756-57; -, Former provostry, statue of St. Peter and St. Paul.

Propstei, statue of St. Bernard of Clairvaux.


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(quoted from the Nuremberg Artists' Dictionary, edited by Manfred H. Grieb