Johann d. J.
Dußel (Dusel)

redsmith, candlestick maker

christened Nürnberg, 25. Feb 1728

died after 1799

A son of Johann the Elder, candlestick maker, he became a master on 15.4.1757, and a juror in 1780. In the entry of his wife Anna Sibylla in the death book of 23.7.1799, Johann Dußel was described as a redfounder, publisher and prisaunmeister. He had taken over the office of Prisaunmeister from his father.

He made epitaphs on a larger scale. Mz: half bishop with staff (inference from his portrait in the jury book of the Rotsmiths). In 1784, he gave his father's mz. "Sonne" to Johann Andreas Sederer.

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 (quoted from the Nuremberg Künstlerlexikon, edited by Manfred H. Grieb).


Period: 18th c.