Paul Wolfgang

publisher, art dealer,

born 1721

buried Nürnberg, 25. Mar 1789

J* c. 1721 - died 25. 3. 1789 Nuremberg,

 son of Johann. ∞ 6/20/1752 Catharina Merz (get. 12/15/1728 - buried 11/14/1768), five sons, two daughters, three sons and one daughter surviving. Apprenticeship in the printing house of J. A. Endter's heirs, which he acquired in 1746 together with the bookshop and publishing house of Georg Ernst Finckler (see article Wolfgang Andreas Endter). In 1761-88 he appears as a bookkeeper in the Ämterbüchlein under the name Johann Andreas Endters Erben nunc Mann and Johann Andreas Endtersche Handlung nunc Mann, 1761-89 named. In 1770 he bought a house opposite the scales (Winklerstraße 21) for 7500 fl., in 1771 he also bought the house Winklerstraße 27 for 4500 fl. Panzer recorded his portrait.


In 1789 the sons took over:

Georg Nicolaus Mann (* 1753 - † 1815),

Georg Michael Mann (* 1756 - † 1802),

Caspar Gottlieb Mann (* 1758 - † 1823)

 the company continued under the name of J. A. Endter. Georg Michael was listed in the Ämterbüchlein as a book printer from 1784 to 1802 and as a bookkeeper from 1790 to 1802. The inventory drawn up at his death showed a value of 5760 fl. for the printing shop in Hirschelgasse with nine presses, 7000 fl. for the house, and 3725 fl. for the house at Obstmarkt without book stocks; there is no list of the book stocks. The books published were mainly Bibles with copperplate illustrations and illustrated sheets. Around 1802, the printing house (not the bookstore) was probably sold to J. C. Zunner. Around 1813, Georg Nikolaus Mann's son Caspar Georg Gottlieb joined the company. He was trained as a bookseller and worked for Ambrosius Barth in Leipzig in 1810/11. On 17.10.1817 he became a citizen, in November 1829 he took over the house in Winklerstraße 27 from his co-heirs for 9000 fl. Probably for economic reasons he sold the house in 1851 for 12,500 fl., three years later the business went bankrupt. On April 2, 1854, the book trade was sold via the notary Karl August Wilhelm Enich "sub Firma Johann Andreas Endter" for 1750 fl. cash to the bookseller Jakob Ernst Zeiser, who continued it under his own name.


Lit.: Frage- und Anzeige Nachrichten No. 4 of 13.1.1795; Roth, 1802; Oertel, in: MVGN 70, 1983; Grieb, Buchgewerbe 2003; Kohn, NHb Sebald.

 Ausst.: 2001/4, p. 20.

(quoted from the Nuremberg Künstlerlexikon, edited by Manfred H. Grieb)


Period: 18th c.