Johann Jakob I.

stained glass painter, copperplate engraver, porcellain painter, portrait painter

born Nürnberg, 19. Dec 1788

died Schwabach, 20. Dec 1873

Son of Joseph; father of George I; of Stephen I, Hermann I and Johann Georg Michael. ∞ Katharina Barbara Dietlein (* Oberreichenbach b. Ansbach around 1788 - † 30.10.1836).

Pupil of his father and the engravers Ambrosius Gabler and Johann Georg Klinger.

1809-21 worked as a porcelain painter at the porcelain manufactory in Bruckberg. He then moved to Nuremberg, where he founded a glass painter's workshop in the 1820s.

In 1831-40 he and his sons Hermann, Stephan and Georg restored the choir windows of St. Lawrence and St. Sebaldus churches.

In 1841 his workshop supplied stained glass windows for the royal chapel of the monastery at Belem near Lisbon. He also supplied windows for the Bremen Cathedral and the Angarius Church in Bremen, as well as for Rugby/England, the Lutheran Church in Ingolstadt and Coburg.

In addition, he produced many smaller panes for princely patrons. He also produced many smaller panes for royal clients after woodcuts by Dürer and after designs by C. A. Heideloff.

In 1841 he copied a stained glass window with the Nuremberg coat of arms based on a design by Christoph Maurer.

In 1823 Kellner was resident in S. 1693 (Hintere Insel Schütt 31), in 1829 in L. 1525 (Unschlittplatz 8), in 1850 in S. 401 (Füll 4). In 1870 he lived at Seilersgasse 13 (later Burgschmietstraße), thereby described as a former painter.

Finally, he lived with his son Cassian, who was a pastor in Schwabach.

MuS: NÜRNBERG, MStN. ROTTWEIL, church: angel window.

Lit.: Thieme-Becker Rettberg, 1854; Stadtlexikon 2000.

Ausst.: 1836/2.

(quoted from the Nuremberg Künstlerlexikon, edited by Manfred H. Grieb)

Period: 19th c.