painter, draftsman,

born Nürnberg, 20. Oct 1921

died Nürnberg, 09. Jul 2005

1938: Studies at the State School for Applied Arts


1939: Municipal theatres, Nuremberg (assistant)


1940-1945: Soldier (including 3 years as stage designer on Crete)


1945: 4 years imprisonment in what was then Yugoslavia


1950: Self-taught studies in anatomy (Erlangen) and zoological garden (Nuremberg)


1960/1962: Glass windows in St. Nikolaus and St. Ulrich, Nuremberg and glass windows in St. Lorenz, Nuremberg


1964/1974/1986: Long journeys in the Balkans (Greece and former Yugoslavia)


1966-1976: Gingerbread E. Otto Schmidt: Illustrations


1970: discovered drumming as a compensation for painting


1980-2005: Leading a pottery course


1983: Exhibition at the Fränkische Galerie, Nuremberg


2005: Wolfgang leaves his body

Period: 20th c.