Nicolaus Hieronymus
Höfler (Höeffer)

goldsmith, silverworker

born Nürnberg, 06. Feb 1660

buried Nürnberg, 11. Apr 1738

Time 18th century 

Description (German)*

Son of Johann; brother of Johann Philipp, both goldsmiths. ∞ I) 27.11.1682 Euphrosina (buried 15.8.1723), daughter of Alexander Reichert goldsmith; II) 22.5.1726 Margaretha, daughter of Joseph Ort, blade smith in Wendelstein. 1672-77 apprenticeship with his father. On 8.2.1681 he passed the master's examination. 1697-1701 and 1709-1713 juror, 1709-38 named, from 1724 councillor (craftsman). During his 56 years of work he adapted to the taste of the time. There are preserved ornamental plates and spherical foot cups decorated with rich acanthus, sculptural fruit bundles, landscape motifs and Caesar heads, the characteristics of late 17th century work. Later he made vessels for the popular hot drinks, tea and coffee pots and sugar bowls; he also used the foliage and ribbonwork decorations that were widespread in ornamental stitch patterns. Höfler also produced high-quality church utensils. He trained the following apprentices: Heinrich Huber (1683-88); Anton Paulin (1691-96); Christoph Zwicknagel (1705-16); Johann Andreas Götz (1710-16, became master in Augsburg); Johann Moritz Brenner (1737-38). In 1711 Höfler owned the house Obere Schmiedgasse 17, which he sold around 1722. In the end he lived in Nägeleinsgäßlein; in the Ratstotenbuch he was given the honourable epithet "Erbar, Vorachtbar und Weise". His portrait can be found in the Vorgeherbuch der Goldschmiede, sheet 3. His widow married the goldsmith Martin Christoph Kolb on 14.11.1740; his daughter Anna Barbara married the goldsmith Matthäus Städlein on 22.6.1716.

Museums: Nuremberg, GNM ; Cologne, Chocolate Museum

Lit.: Rosenberg 4289 (mark is upside down); Roth, 1802; Stockbauer, 1893; Jamnitzer, 1985; Goldschmiedekunst, 2007 No. 367.

Exhibited: 1959/27 no. 217, 218; 1990/10 no. 26, 27; 1992/18 no. 179.

Style: Baroque

Period: 18th c.