sculptor, graphic artist,

born Eger (Cheb), 08. Aug 1919

died Erlangen, 11. Feb 1999

1939 - 1945 Studied sculpture in Vienna, study visit to Italy, escape to Waldsassen.

since 1947 in Erlangen

1947 - 1986 Photography as a second field of work: participation in exhibitions of subjective photography, publication of pictures in magazines, photo volumes and books

1949 - 1986 Art in architecture, participation in competitions

1950 - 1984 Graphic design for regional companies and authorities

1959 Turning to the sculptor's life theme of forms, female

1953 - 1976 Curator for exhibitions of the Siemens company, the Erlangen non-profit association and the city of Erlangen

1965 - 1974 Art collector for the city of Erlangen

1968 Self-published helion presse (illustrated books)

1965 - 1995 designer of the city magazine das neue Erlangen

1985 - 1999 Concentration on his work as a sculptor and the documentation of his works

(Gertraud Lehmann / leaflet on the occasion of the inauguration of "Helmut-Lederer-Straße" in Erlangen, 2012)

Period: 20th c.