Hans Leo (von)
Haßler (Hasler)


christened Nürnberg, 26. Oct 1564

died Frankfurt am Main, 08. Jun 1612

Died of consumption during the Imperial Diet on the occasion of the election of the Emperor, to which he had accompanied his employer, Elector Johann Georg of Saxony.

Son of Isaac; brother of Jacob and Caspar. ∞ Ulm 1./2.3.1605 Cordula Claus, merchant's daughter from Ulm, childless.

Pupil of his father and of Leonhard Lechner.


1584/85 studies for about 15 months in Venice with Andrea Gabrieli, with whose nephew Giovanni Gabriele he was a lifelong friend.


1585 in Augsburg at the musical arrangement of Ursula Fugger's wedding,


1586-1600 chamber organist for Octavian Secundus Fugger in Augsburg, his salary was 200 thalers (226 fl.). There he also devoted himself to the construction and sale of music boxes and mechanical organ works, for which he received an imperial privilege on 1.3.1601.

After the death of Octavian Fugger, he was head of the Augsburg city pipe organ builders from 1600-01.

1595 he was ennobled together with his brothers Caspar and Jakob by Emperor Rudolf II,

1604 he received an improvement of his coat of arms.

From 16.8.1601 to 1604 he was chief musician in Nuremberg with an annual salary of 200 fl. and free accommodation.

In 1604 Haßler took a year's leave of absence with continued payment of his salary, as his non-musical business took up too much of his time.

On 3.8.1605 he gave up his Nuremberg citizenship and lived in the service of Emperor Rudolf II in Ulm until 1608. There he became a citizen in 1607 and joined the merchants' guild, which was conducive to the sale of his music boxes.

From Ulm he took up his last post as Electoral Chamber Organist and Kapellmeister in Dresden. Together with his brothers Jakob and Caspar, he engaged in silver trade and mining business as well as money transactions with the emperor. Panzer recorded his portrait. The Haslerstraße in Nuremberg was named after him.

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Franz Krautwurst

(quoted from the Nuremberg Künstlerlexikon edited by Manfred H. Grieb).




see also:

Isaak Haßler, his father (born about 1530 in Joachimsthal).

Caspar (von) Haßler, his brother (b. 1562 in Nuremberg)

Jakob (von) Haßler, his brother (b. 1569 in Nuremberg)

Style: Late Renaissance

Period: 17th c., 16th c.

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