Caspar (von)


christened Nürnberg, 17. Aug 1562

died Nürnberg, 19. Aug 1618

Son of Isaac;

Brother of Hans Leo and Jakob. ∞ 13.5.1588 Hester (get. 11.7.1566 - † 26./27. begr. 29.11.1640), daughter of Hans Haiden, musician, seven sons, six daughters, two sons and one daughter surviving.

Education probably by his father.

From 1586 organist at St. Egidien, from 15.8. 1587 to 19.11.1616 at St. Lorenz, from 19.11.1616 until his death at St. Sebald, where he also repaired the organ in 1617.

He was one of the four appointed musicians of the Krentzleins Society founded in 1588. He also worked as an organ appraiser and, from 30.4.1618, as a municipal Unterkäufel (middleman).

On the side, together with his brothers Jakob and Hans Leo, he ran a silver trade and mining business.

He did money business with Emperor Rudolf II and was ennobled by him together with his brothers Hans Leo and Jakob in 1595,

In 1604 he received an improvement of his coat of arms.

Among his pupils were David Haiden, Georg Dorsch, Erasmus Baumann and Lucas Behaim.

A four-part organ fantasy in tablature composed by him has survived, and in 1598, 1600 and 1613 he published four musical collected works in print. He lived on the Milchmarkt (Albrecht-Dürer-Platz/Bergstraße).

Works: Verz. s. MGG 5, 1798f. MuS: NÜRNBERG, StAN. Lit.: NDB; Doppelmayr, 1730; Waldau, Zion 1787, p. 30; Eitner, 1900; Krautwurst, 1971; Bosl; Harrassowitz, 1987; Stadtlexikon 2000. Exhibited: 1959/8; 1964/7; 1971/10; 1996/4. 

(quoted from the Nuremberg Künstlerlexikon edited by Manfred H. Grieb).

see also:

Isaak Haßler, his father (b.c.1530 in Joachimsthal).

Hans Leo (von) Haßler, his brother (b.1564 in Nuremberg)

Jakob (von) Haßler, his brother (b.1569 in Nuremberg)


Style: Late Renaissance

Period: 17th c., 16th c.

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