Jakob (von)


christened Nürnberg, 18. Dec 1569

died (wahrscheinlich) Eger, 23. Apr 1622

Son of Isaak get. 18. 12. 1569 Nuremberg - † zw. 23. 4. u. 29. 9. 1622 prob. Eger.

Son of Isaak, brother of Hans Leo and Caspar. ∞ Leonore Ostermair.

He received his first lessons from his father. 1585 apprentice as a city whistler in Augsburg.

In 1590 he went to Italy with a scholarship from Christoph Fugger for his further education. After his return he became chamber organist for Christoph Fugger in Augsburg.

In 1595, together with his brothers Hans Leo and Caspar, he was ennobled by Emperor Rudolf II.

 1597 Court organist for Count Eitelfritz von Hohenzollern in Hechingen,

1602 imperial court organist in Prague.

1607 Awarded a layman's prerogative at the Augustinian choir monastery of the Holy Cross in Augsburg.

In 1615 he settled in Eger without giving up his Nuremberg citizenship.

Works: Verz. s. MGG 5, 1798 f. and Dupont, 1971. Lit.: ADB; NDB; Eitner, 1900; Musikfest, 1908; Zirnbauer 1965; M. Grassl: Die in Orgeltabulaturen überlieferten Instrumentalwerke Jacob Haßlers und ihre stilistischen Grundlagen, 1990; Stadtlexikon 2000.

(quoted from the Nuremberg Künstlerlexikon edited by Manfred H. Grieb).

see also:

Isaak Haßler, his father (b.c.1530 in Joachimsthal).

Hans Leo (von) Haßler, his brother (b.1564 in Nuremberg) 

Caspar (von) Haßler, his brother (b.1562 in Nuremberg)

Style: Late Renaissance

Period: 17th c., 16th c.

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