born Joachimsthal, 1530

died Nürnberg, 14. Jul 1591

* c. 1530 Jáchymov - buried 14. 7. 1591 Nuremberg,

formerly grave 487 in the Johannis cemetery, acquired on 2.5. 1591, epitaph not preserved.

Son of Hans, nephew of Paul, goldsmith;

Father of Hans Leo, Jakob and Caspar. ∞ 29.1.1555 Kunigunda Schneider (buried 6.3.1604), five sons, four daughters. First lessons in his home country from Johann Matthesius and the songwriter Nikolaus Hermann.

 At the beginning of 1554 he moved to Nuremberg. By Rv. of 8.5.1555 he was granted citizenship, and on 5.6.1555 he was entered in the citizens' book, being called a stone cutter.

 On 19.2.1591 he bought the house Spitalgasse 19 for 300 fl. from the property of the Heilig-Geist-Spital, which he had already occupied since his employment in 1558 as organist at the Spitalkirche. In addition to his position as organist, which he held until his death, he gave private music lessons. After his death, his house passed to his son-in-law Hans Müller.

 His sister Esther married the schoolmaster and astronomer Johann Zeileisen.

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(quoted from the Nuremberg Künstlerlexikon Published by Manfred H. Grieb).


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Hans Leo (von) Haßler, his son (b. 1564 in Nuremberg).

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Style: Renaissance, Late Renaissance

Period: 16th c.

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