Johann Georg (John)

copperplate engraver, steel engraver

born Nürnberg, 20. Feb 1808

died Philadelphia, USA, 31. May 1881

Son of a seed merchant. 1823-30 pupil of the Nuremberg art school and director Albert Reindel. Probably he was identical with the geographical engraver who lived at S. 460 (Obere Krämersgasse 20) in 1829. Afterwards he worked as an engraver in Karlsruhe for two years, then in Hildburghausen and Dresden for half a year each.


Since 1837 he seems to have worked for Gottlieb Andreas Serz (1810-48), because when he applied for a residence in 1838 he stated that he earned about 1000 fl. per year at his brother's. In 1838/40 he lived in Hummelstein b. Nbg. Nbg. and in 1844 in S. 733 (Schildgasse 49/Paniersplatz 16).


Member of the 'Nürnberger Kunst-Verein'. 1848 he emigrated to the USA (arrival in Castle Garden on 19.6.1848). First he

 lived in New York, then he settled in Philadelphia in 1851 as a steel engraver, where he engraved banknotes, portraits, maps, topographies, including a bird's-eye view of Philadelphia, and historical scenes.In 1856 he acquired the citizenship of the United States of North America.

 As late as 1880 he appears here, along with his third wife Minnie in the Census. He died as a result of a fractured skull.


quoted from the Nuremberg Künstlerlexikon, edited by Manfred H. Grieb

Period: 19th c.