Samuel Friedrich
Schmieder (Schmider)


born 1691

died Regensburg, 14. Apr 1771

He was a painter in Regensburg, where he became a citizen on 13.7.1717.

In addition to the depiction of Nuremberg, views of Regensburg to the south, northwest and north are known, dated 1725, and another view of the city from 1740. Schmieder's main occupation was nestler and fur dyer; he described himself as nestler on the view of Regensburg from the south in 1725. Schmieder is also listed as nestler in "Allerneueste und bewaehrte Nachricht Von der des Heil. Roem. Reichs Freyen Stadt Regensburg", Regensburg 1753 p. 155.


Literature: 1803 - Turning Point in Europe's Centre. From the feudal to the bourgeois age, Regensburg 2003, pp. 377-378.



Dr. Ursula Timann

Style: Baroque

Period: 18th c.