painter, graphic artist, lithographer

born Fürth, 29. Sep 1875

died Nürnberg, 03. Oct 1951

Painter, graphic artist, lithographer , studied at the school of arts and crafts in Nuremberg

After an apprenticeship as a lithographer, he studied at the Nuremberg School of Arts and Crafts under Franz Brochier, Heinrich Heim and Carl Fleischmann. He worked for the Kunstanstalt Nister, later becoming its director.


Durst painted very atmospheric partial views of Nuremberg, almost exclusively in watercolour, which are in many private collections in Nuremberg.


In 1906 he lived in Nuremberg, Richard-Wagner-Straße 11, 1916/43 Äußere Sulzbacher Straße 34.

His widow donated a Luther portrait to the church of St. Jobst.




MuS: NÜRNBERG, MStN: 6 watercolours, drawings. -Church of St. Jobst: Luther portrait, 1907;


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Exhibited: 1916/1; 1917/2; 1918/3; 1919/2; 1920/1; 1922/2; 1934/3; 1935/1; 1936/1; 1940/1; 1942/1; 1954/4; 1993/7, Fig. 5, 172.

Period: 20th c., 19th c.