Johann Adam

painter, draftsman, copperplate engraver

born Nürnberg, 09. Dec 1687

died Nürnberg, 16. Jan 1765

The son of an escort rider trained with the portraitist and attended afterwards the Nuremberg painters ´academy. Apart from two stays in Vienna (1710 -1713 and 1718-1721), where he worked for Fischer von Erlach father and son as well as for the Duke of Liechtenstein he worked in Nuremberg. It was here that his 120 Nuremberg prospects were published since, being his main work, which are popular to this day. They show the city and the surroundings of Nuremberg .in the Baroque style and are a valuable source with regard to architecture and life of the people. Furthermore more prospect series (Vienna, Bohemia), portraits, book illustrations and drafts for engravings of him are known. In 1733 he was appointed to become a member of the Greater Council.
Dr. Werner Schultheiß

The largest part of his oeuvre are the famous Nuremberg copperplate engravings, being the most comprehensive reliable documentation of the Nuremberg Old City before the development of photography.
For that he documented the everyday life in the city meticulously.

Dr. Pablo de la Riestra

Style: Baroque

Period: 18th c.