painter, graphic artist

born Nürnberg, 05. May 1892

died Nürnberg, 29. Dec 1957

Apprenticeship as graphic artist. Attends the Nuremberg School of Arts and Crafts, then studies at the AdBK Munich under Becker-Gundahl. Participates in the First World War; his war experiences influenced his graphic work. Since 1920 teacher at the 'Offener Zeichensaal' in Nuremberg and since 1921 head of the class 'Akt' at the 'Berufsoberschule' in Nuremberg, 1927 civil servant, 1932 municipal councillor for studies, until his retirement on 1.6.1957 in the service of the city of Nuremberg. He was also a freelance artist. He painted mainly in watercolour, occasionally in oil, preferring landscapes, later also biblical subjects. (...)

quoted from the Nuremberg Künstlerlexikon, edited by Manfred H. Grieb

Period: 20th c.