Hermann August

architect, painter, government architect

born Nürnberg, 22. Jan 1896

died Nürnberg, 12. Oct 1981

Attends the Oberrealschule in Nuremberg, where he already receives his first training in painting and drawing. Military service as an officer and Russian captivity in the First World War. Captivity in the First World War. 1919 studied architecture at the Technical University and the Academy in Munich, 1923 graduated as Dipl.-Ing. 1924 worked as architect and government architect in Nuremberg, later also as building expert. His great love was painting and he mainly worked as a watercolourist. Mostly he painted landscapes and architectures from Franconia and Nuremberg, but also his travels in Europe and North Africa provided many models. He probably created more than 2000 watercolours, occasionally he also painted in oil. (...)


quoted from the Nuremberg Künstlerlexikon, edited by Manfred H. Grieb



Period: 20th c.