Georg Paul

draftsman, copperplate engraver

born Leipzig, 1713

buried Nürnberg, 02. Jun 1786

(...) Student of Georg Martin Preißler in Nuremberg. Further qualification and cooperation with J. B. Probst and Bernhard Vogel in Augsburg. From 1755 to 1786 he was listed as copperplate engraver in the Nuremberg book of official and professionals. His name was ruled out in1787. Most of all he engraved plates according to the works of other painters, natural produce and views of the Wurster-Creutzberg territories. Furthermore he engraved plates with illustrations for an edition of the Bible published by Fleischmann in 1763. Besides, he worked as a publisher. He also engraved portraits for persons and publishers from other cities and areas. (...) He was a member of the Nuremberg Art Academy Panzer from 1771. Panzer registered about. 33 portrait engravings of Nuremberg citizens with his signature. (...) quoted Nürnberger Künstlerlexikon, ed. by Manfred G. Grieb

Style: Baroque

Period: 18th c.