sculptor, painter, graphic artist

born Etterbeck b. Brüssel, 12. Apr 1831

died Ixelles/Belgien, 04. Apr 1905

Training as a copperplate engraver with his brother Jean-Baptiste, as a sculptor with Ch. A. Fraikin and as a painter with F. J. Navez. In 1857 he turned to realistic painting preferring topics from the working-class and industry milieu. 1882-83 journey through Spain. In 1886 he resumed working as a sculptor. 1887-95 he was professor for painting at the art-school Löwen, after that he returned to Brussels. His bronze sculpture „Hammermeister“ was raised in Luitpoldhain in Nuremberg in 1909and transferred to the Vocational School in Augustenstraße 30 in 1927. (...)

Quoted from Nürnberger Künstlerlexikon / ed. by Manfred Grieb

Period: 20th c., 19th c.

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Master smith
The dockworker