painter, interior architect

born Deggendorf, 01. Jun 1915

died Nürnberg, 05. Apr 2009

In 1934 he attended the Kerschenstein Vocational School in Munich. From 1937 to 1939 he studied interior design at the Academy for Applied Arts in Munich with Richard Berndl. From1939 to 1945 he served during his military service in the war and was severely injured on the eastern front. In 1940 he was allowed leave for his studies. From 1945 to 1946 he worked as a freelance architect in Munich. 1946 he was appointed Head of the Class of interior design at the Academy of Fine Arts in Nuremberg. From 1969 to 1972 he was President of the Academy in Nuremberg, from 1973 to 1975 he was the executive president of the Academy, in 1981 he retired and was given emeritus status and worked as a freelance architect. Puchner designed the interior systems for many public buildings, restaurants and private residential houses in southern Germany. As a painter he preferred the watercolor, after his retirement he had a studio in Venice over a longer period of time. He was awarded the Bavarian Order of Merit and is a Honorary member of the Association of German Interior Designers (...) Quoted from Nürnberger Künstlerlexikon, ed. by Manfrad Grieb

Period: 21st c., 20th c.