born Nürnberg, 24. Feb 1912

died Nürnberg, 27. Jan 1994

Apprenticeship as glass painter 

1929 - 1940 State School of Applied Arts in Nuremberg

in Nuremberg, master student under Prof. Georg Vogt

Attends the Nuremberg Academy of Art


ca. 1938 Albrecht Dürer Prize


1943 Destruction of his studio by incendiary bombs


1944/45 called up for military service and imprisonment.


Since 1981 honorary pay from the Bayer. State Ministry

Works as a flower painter and designer of stained glass. Exhibitions and participation in exhibitions

public commissions




MuS: NÜRNBERG, MStN: drawings.

Lit.: AKL; Vollmer.

Exhibited: 1938/1, -/3; 1939/1; 1940/1, -/2; 1941/1, -/6; 1942/1; 1948/1; 1949/1; 1987/10.




Period: 20th c.